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Winnipeg’s health care facilities are crowded. There aren’t enough nurses. And it’s getting worse.

Emergency rooms closed.
Urgent care centre shut down.

Putting patient safety at risk.

Tell government to stop closing the door on patient care

Tell Government to Put Patients First

Cuts to front-line services.
Safe patient care at risk.

Manitobans count on us when it comes to delivering safe patient care. Help us advocate for the preservation and improvement of vital health care services, so that all Manitobans can have access to safe, quality health care when they need it most:

  1. Reading the email content below.
  2. Filling in the form below; we will identify your MLA by your postal code entry.
  3. Clicking ‘Sign’ to add your voice to our call. Your email will be sent to the Premier and Minister of Health, as well as any MLA you indicated.

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Sign the Petition: Reverse the Cuts

Your signature can help reverse the cuts.

To add your signature, please:

  1. Read the petition below.
  2. Fill in the form below; please note that — according to provincial legislation — you must fill out all of the fields for your entry to count when we present this petition to the Legislature.
  3. Click ‘Add My Name’.

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